Templates and Pagination

Some of our extensions use pagination on the front end. Pagination is controlled by Joomla, but it needs some help from the site template to work well. Some templates come with built-in support for pagination, and some don't. If your template does not support pagination, you will probably end up with pagination links that look like the ones on the right. That's because, by default, Joomla builds pagination controls as an html "Unordered List". The site template can override this behaviour.

One solution is to choose a commercial site template that properly supports pagination. Alternatively, with a bit of work, you can add pagination support to any template and style the controls exactly the way you want.

When Joomla renders a pagination list, it looks for a file called pagination.php in the site template's html override directory:

/templates/<current template>/html/pagination.php

If this file is present, the functions in it are used instead of Joomla's built-in default functions. This allows you to render the pagination controls using any HTML you choose.

Our Demo Templates

You can download the templates that we use on our demo sites. The first uses the pagination controls from the Joomla 2.5 admin template:

Joomla customised pagination

The second uses CSS to render pagination controls like this:

Joomla customised pagination

You can either use these templates as a base to develop your own (you will need to change the main images), or you can take the pagination support from them and add it into your own template. Here's how to do that:

  • Download the template and unzip it to a temporary directory.
  • Unzip your own template to another directory.
  • Copy html/pagination.php to the same location in your own template.
  • Edit css/template.css and copy everything after /* PAGINATION BUTTONS */ to your own template css.
  • For template 1, copy all the images that start with "j_" from the images directory to the images directory in your own template. Template 2 does not need any images as the buttons are rendered using pure CSS.
  • Edit the xml manifest file of your template and make sure the html folder is included in the list of folders to install.
  • Re-zip your template and install it.

We hope this works for you, but we are not in the template business so please don't ask us for help!

Demo Site Template 1 Version 6.00
Demo Site Template 2 Version 6.01
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