Plotalot Downloads

The Plotalot Component really is free. You can download it further down this page. It is fully functional and can display charts on the front end of your site using a menu item.

The paid version includes the Plotalot Plugin, which allows you to place charts anywhere in any article. The plugin also provides additional advanced features.

Please use the free version to check that it can draw the charts you need. You might find that the free version is all you need. This table summarises the differences between the free and the paid versions.

FeatureFree VersionPaid Version
Plotalot Component with chart editor and basic display of charts on the front end. Yes Yes
75+ page pdf user guide Yes Yes
SimplePlot - the Plotalot API sample component
(for PHP programmers only)
Yes Yes
Article Plugin No Yes
Fully responsive charts No Yes
Chart caching
(reduces database load)
No Yes
Self-refreshing charts
(using Ajax, so only the chart is re-drawn, not the rest of the page)
No Yes
Advanced Features
(usage of get/post variables)
No Yes
PNG and CSV download links No Yes
Support No Three options - see below

Three Different Options

We offer a choice of three payment options for the paid version. The difference is the length of time you get upgrades for, and the level of support. All our products are open source so there are no restrictions on their usage. You can read more about that at Downloads and Licensing. You can check out the Plotalot version history to see the kinds of features that tend to get added over time.

Option 1: £15

Updates for 30 days

No Support

You can download the software and any updates published in the next 30 days.

This option might suit you if you are experienced with Joomla and Plotalot, and are confident that you can resolve any issues by yourself. Please note that we will not provide support with this option. We will fix bugs but you must provide a detailed analysis of the problem.

Option 2: £25

Updates for one year

Minimal Support

You can download the software and all updates published in the next year.

One support incident is included, which you can use to get advice or help, but it does not include custom modification of the code, or help with SQL. It does not include use of the features in the Advanced Techniques section of the user guide, or the Plotalot API.

Option 3: £40

Updates for 3 years

Full Support

You can download the software and all updates published in the next 3 years.

This does not include custom modification of the code, or help with SQL, but we will do our best to help with any other kind of problem including the Advanced Techniques and API. Officially we limit this to five support incidents, but we will help you as much as we can.

To buy Plotalot, choose an option and click on the Buy Now button. When you have paid you will be able to download the Plotalot Plugin.

Plotalot Downloads
The latest version of Plotalot requires at least Joomla 3.4.8.
There are no longer separate versions of the component for the free and paid packages. All paid functionality is now in the plugin.
The SimplePlot component is the Plotalot API "Hello World" example. It is only of interest to programmers.
All users will need the Plotalot User Guide. The Developer Guide is only of interest to programmers.
Plotalot User Guide Version 6.00
Plotalot Component Version 6.01
Plotalot Plugin Version 6.00
Plotalot Developer Guide Version 6.00
SimplePlot Component Version 6.00

Questions about our prices and options? Please see Downloads and Licensing.