Rentalot Plus is a Joomla component that helps you to manage your holiday rental business. You manage the business in the back end, and Rentalot Plus takes care of all the displays on the site front end. Rentalot Plus is specifically designed for the holiday villa market. It is not suitable for hotels.

Rentalot Plus is very flexible and can satisfy the requirements of most holiday rental businesses, whether you have one unit, or hundreds. This page will help you decide if Rentalot Plus is right for you.

What Rentalot Plus is Really Good At

Individual, Unique Units

Rentalot Plus can be used for any type of overnight accommodation - villas, flats, mobile homes, boats, or whatever it is that you rent. You can have as many units as you like and call them whatever you like. Each unit has a name, a description, its own prices and its own bookings. Each unit is individually bookable - this is not a hotel system where a client books a type of accommodation. In Rentalot Plus, clients book a specific unit of accommodation.

Flexible Pricing and Discounting

Rentalot Plus can handle daily, weekly, or any other pricing periods. A price period can be any length of time from a single day to an entire year, and they don't all have to be the same length. If you want, you can have different prices for each day of the year, or do weekly rentals in summer and daily in winter. It really is very flexible. The key point to note is that each price period is the unit of pricing and booking. When a client requests a range of dates, the system adds up the prices for all the price periods overlapped by the requested dates to arrive at the total price. There is a flexible discount mechanism for clients booking multiple price periods. You can display prices and accept bookings in any number of currencies, with exchange rates updated automatically.


Rentalot Plus allows you to offer extras, such as linen, bike rental, exit cleaning, etc. Extras can be priced per day, per week, or per stay, and you can specify a minimum and maximum number that can be ordered per booking.

Flexible Displays

Rentalot Plus offers many different ways to display information about your accommodation, availability, and prices. There are four main views and two plugins. And since unit descriptions can include plugins, including the Rentalot Plus availability plugins, the flexibility is enormous. Our demo site shows some of the many possible ways you can configure the front end.

Flexible Payments, Online or Offline

You can configure a payment schedule of up to four stage payments per booking. Each payment can be a fixed amount or a percentage. If you enable online bookings, the first payment can be collected using any method supported by Payage to create the booking. A special link can be emailed to the client to enable further online payments. If you don't want to enable online booking, you can use the enquiry view to to invite clients to contact you, and subsequently make the booking yourself in the back end.

Full Back-end Administration System

The back end of Rentalot Plus includes full management of prices, payments, and bookings, with many useful reports to help you optimise your business. The system emails you reminders when payments are becoming due, and when bookings start or end.

What Rentalot Plus Does Not Do


Rentalot Plus is not a hotel system. It cannot allocate guests to available rooms, and it does not have administrative functions like moving guests from one room to another. In Rentalot Plus, each unit is specifically chosen and booked by the client. Availability is managed for each unit individually. Clients cannot book "2 double rooms and 1 single room". A booking is for one whole unit. You cannot book part of a unit, and you cannot book more than one unit at a time.

Rentalot Plus can manage large numbers of units, but in order to make sense to clients, the units must be distinct and unique in some way that makes the client want to choose one specifically.

Multiple Owners

Rentalot Plus is designed for a single owner who has access to all of the properties in the system. The system cannot provide separate administrative functions for properties owned by different owners.

Bookings of Less Than One Night

Rentalot Plus books nights, with the minimum bookable period being one night. This is, of course, the way that most accommodation businesses work. Rentalot Plus cannot manage hourly bookings or any bookings of less than one night.

Multiple Prices for the Same Period

Rentalot Plus' pricing scheme is very flexible, allowing different prices for different periods. However, each period can only have one price. Some businesses might have historically offered a choice of prices, for example daily bookings at $150, mid-week breaks at $400, or weekly bookings at $600. Rentalot Plus does not support this kind of pricing. You can usually achieve similar results in Rentalot Plus by using daily pricing with a discount structure for multiple days, but it might not be exactly the same as your existing pricing.

More Information

To find out more about Rentalot Plus please download the user guide. It's free!