Example Availability Page

This is an example of a standard availability page generated using the free component, simply by creating a menu item of type Rentalot "Classic Availability Page". If you need a more customised page layout, you can use the Rentalot plugin.

The availability table can be styled and customised. Date formats are configurable. The base currency and additional currencies are configurable. Exchange rates can optionally be updated regularly by a Cron script.

Week commencingToPriceAvailable?
November 24December 1€850,00Yes
December 1December 8€850,00Yes
December 8December 15€850,00No
December 15December 22€850,00Yes
December 22December 29€850,00Yes
December 29January 5€850,00Yes
January 5January 12€850,00Yes
January 12January 19€850,00Yes
January 19January 26€850,00Yes
January 26February 2€850,00Yes
February 2February 9€850,00Yes
February 9February 16€850,00Yes
February 16February 23€850,00Yes
February 23March 2€850,00Yes
March 2March 9€850,00Yes
March 9March 16€850,00Yes
You can add text and other content at the bottom of the page.