Simple Picture Gallery Manager is a very old picture gallery. It has been criticised for being old-fashioned, but it is simple and fast and we like it. When we upgraded our sites to be responsive we tried a few other galleries but couldn't find anything we liked so we upgraded SPGM to be fully responsive using modern HTML and CSS techniques. It won't suit everyone as it doesn't use lightboxes or animation, but some people like things to be simple and easy on the eye.

SPGM was originally written long before Joomla and can still be found on SourceForge. The original SPGM does not integrate into Joomla and does not have an administrative interface. Our package is a fork of that project.

SPGM is simple. Galleries are simply directories that contain pictures, sub-galleries (sub-directories), and thumbnails. It is highly configurable, so many different layouts are possible - see the user guide for more details and some examples. There's a small gallery here to demonstrate the front end.

Features of the Front End

  • Simple. Galleries are directories that contain pictures, sub-galleries (sub-directories), and thumbnails. SPGM does not use the database.
  • Responsive. Automatically adjusts to any screen width.
  • Supports jpg, png, and gif images.
  • Gallery/picture captioning
  • Infinite sub-galleries
  • Several sort options for both pictures and galleries
  • Random or fixed thumbnails used for gallery previews
  • New pictures highlighting
  • Can display Exif data
  • Slideshow
  • Multi-language support (34 languages)
  • Many options for controlling layout and behaviour
  • Mature and stable. We haven't seen a bug in SPGM for years.

Features of the Back End

  • Gallery (sub-directory) navigation
  • Create and rename galleries
  • Upload up to ten files at a time, with optional image resizing, or use FTP for larger quantities
  • Automatic thumbnail creation for uploaded files
  • Create thumbnails for an entire gallery just by clicking a toolbar button
  • Delete and rename image files, with automatic deletion/renaming of associated thumbnail
  • Display full size images in a popup window
  • Edit text files (e.g. caption files) in-situ, with intelligent updating of file lists
  • Dedicated editor for editing SPGM configuration files
  • English, French, and Italian translations.

The Admin Interface

The user guide includes full details of installation, gallery creation, and configuration options.

SPGM User Guide Version 5.06
SPGM Component Version 5.06