Simple Responsive Menu

The old days of desktop or laptop computers being the prevalent way to access the web have gone, and most sites now need to work equally well on both small and large screens.

With CSS3 now widely supported it is relatively easy to build a site that adapts the site layout for smaller or larger screens. If the site uses a vertical menu, the menu must change its layout completely for small screens. Vertical menus do not work well on mobile phones.

Simple Responsive Menu is a drop-in replacement for the standard Joomla vertical menu. At wider screen widths, you should see no difference at all from the standard Joomla menu. At narrower screen widths the normal vertical menu is made invisible, and a select list menu is made visible instead. You can configure the screen width where this switch takes place, and the position of the select list menu.

The demonstration site for our product, Rentalot Plus, normally has a vertical menu.

For small screens, it changes to a select list, which takes very little space when collapsed.

When expanded, the list shows all the options, and is easy to use on a mobile phone.

Please note that in order to use Simple Responsive Menu effectively, your site template must already be responsive. Please do not ask us for help with responsive design issues. We provide Simple Responsive Menu as a tool to help you build a responsive site. Building the site is your responsibility, not ours!

Simple Responsive Menu User Guide Version 1.09
Simple Responsive Menu Module Version 1.09
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