We have several different contact forms. Please select the most appropriate subject for your enquiry.

Pre-Sales Enquiries

You can download the user guides for all of our products before purchasing the software. Our user guides describe every feature of the product, so if a feature you need is not in the user guide, it's not in the product.

Rentalot Plus, MediaShop and FlexiContactPlus also have demo sites where you can see and try the administrative functions of the software.

We sometimes get emails that describe your requirements, and ask how well one of our products would suit your needs. We do try to answer some quick questions if we feel they are not properly answered on the site or in the documentation. However, for the low-cost products (especially Plotalot and MediaShop), we will not spend time analysing your business and trying to figure out how close a match our software might be. For a few Euros, it's just not worth it. Product evaluation is your job, not ours!

Having said all that, we realise that there will still be some questions that we will need to answer. If you do need to ask a question before buying a product, please use this contact form.

Support for Free Products

Have you read the User Guide?

Our PDF user guides are free and contain all the information that most people need to install and configure our extensions. If you did not find the information you needed in the relevant user guide, please tell us about the problem so that we can fix it for everyone's benefit.

We used to answer all of your individual requests for help, but:

  • Lots of you hadn't read the relevant user guide.
  • Lots of you didn't bother to get back to us to let us know if the fix or advice we provided worked.
  • Less than 10% of you said "thank-you".
  • Less then 1% of you left a review on the JED.
  • Less than 0.1% of you made a donation.

Unfortunately, like most other Joomla developers, we were forced to develop a strict policy about what kind of problems we will help with where free products are concerned.


We are sorry to have to mention it, but we don't speak "text" and we won't answer emails that lack basic politeness. We don't expect perfect English, but if you can't be bothered to write your words in full, please don't expect us to spend time solving your problem.

We Don't Support Joomla!

If you need help with layout, styling, customisation, code enhancements, or general Joomla issues, the proper place to seek help is at the Joomla forums. There are thousands of people there who can help you. There are only two of us!

The free version of FlexiContact is a particular problem as it is very popular with new and inexperienced users. We are really sorry but we cannot help you because there are just too many of you. We have tried to make the user guide as helpful as possible, and we are very happy to receive ideas for improvements to it, but we cannot help you individually.

Is it Really Our Bug?

If you do find a bug in our software, we really do want to fix it, but there's a big difference between fixing bugs and investigating unexpected or unwanted behaviour on your site. Just because something does not work as you expect does not make it a bug. The vast majority of problems are yours, not ours. We will not get involved unless we are sure it is a bug in our code.

Bug Reporting

If you are sure you have found a bug in our software, we do want to hear from you. Please include a detailed description of the problem, the version number of our software, and the Joomla version. Unless you include those there is nothing we can do, and we will assume that you don't have the experience to recognise a real bug.

If you believe you have found a bug in one of our free products, please use this contact form. The magic word is "contact".

Paid Products

If you have purchased one of our paid products, we will always answer your emails. Most of our products have supported and non-supported options, so we do need to be able to find your purchase transaction so that we can determine the level of support that you chose. You will need to tell us the email address that you used to pay with, or the transaction ID number from our purchase confirmation email. If you don't have either, we can search by name or date, but please note that we cannot match your PayPal transaction ID, since we never receive that information.

We Don't Support Joomla!

We only support our own extensions and cannot help with more general issues. If you need help with layout, styling, customisation, code enhancements, or general Joomla issues, the proper place to seek help is at the Joomla forums. There are thousands of people there who can help you.

Be Reasonable

We try not to make too many "rules" about support, but please be reasonable in your expectations. If you have paid €9 for a product, please don't expect us to help you with some very complex integration issue, or a custom code change, or several different issues on several different customer sites. We do try to be fair but it has to work both ways.

For paid product support, please use this contact form.

Lost Download Links

If you purchased a product and have lost your download link, you can use this page to automatically re-send the purchase confirmation email, which contains your download link. If you don't receive the email, please check your spam folder.

If the email does not arrive, or if you cannot remember the email address that you used for payment, please use this contact form, giving us as much information as possible to help us find your transaction.

Submit a New Translation

If you would like to submit a new language translation for one of our extensions, please use this contact form. We will contact you with further instructions.

Quotations for Bespoke Work

We're sorry but we no longer quote for any bespoke work at all. We talk more about our reasons for that on this page.

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