FlexiContact is a very popular contact component. It is very easy to setup and offers lots of options. The free version is suitable for most sites. The paid version has advanced features that you may or may not need.

Once installed, you just make a menu item of type FlexiContact Contact Page. You must enter an "Email To Address", everything else is optional. If you need more help, it's all in the free PDF user guide. If you want to try it out for yourself, you can have a look here


FeatureFlexiContactFlexiContact Plus
Joomla versions
Customisable top and bottom text
Customisable destination email address, cc and bcc
Additional user-defined fields Up to 5 text fields and one list field Up to 100, with a choice of many different types
Highlighting of mandatory fields
Optional pictorial captcha system (Click on the cat/dog/etc)
Images are shown at their native size

Images can be re-sized and noise can be added for extra security
Additional captcha images Available at low cost Included
Optional "magic word" system
(The user must locate and enter a pre-defined word or phrase to send the message)
Optional traditional captcha system, words or maths, easy or hard (No registration required, just switch it on)
Message log viewable in back end, including sender's browser and IP address
The log is browsable in the back end

The log is browsable and searchable in the back end
Optional auto-fill of username and email address for logged in users.
Configurable email templates giving complete control over email content and format
Confirmation page can be a link to an article, or a configured page
Confirmation page can include user data from the contact form
Email subject can be formed using data from the contact form
Built-in editor to easily edit the front end CSS styles
Responsive CSS-based layout
Choice of responsive CSS or the original table-based layout

Choice of several responsive and fixed-width CSS styles
Choose whether to send a copy of the message to the user (always, never, or show a checkbox for the user to choose)
Option to require agreement of a statement and/or linked article before the send button is enabled.
Option to send emails as HTML or plain text
Multiple Configurations (different contact forms on different pages, and in different languages)
Multiple Recipients (for example, departments)
Ajax (show error messages and the confirmation message without re-drawing the page)
Article Plugin (include a contact form or popup ("modal") contact form anywhere)
Detailed, free, PDF user guide
File attachments on the contact form

FlexiContact is multi-language and new translations are always welcome. The User Guide explains how to make your own translation. Recent versions have added new language strings in the back end so if you can send us updated language files we would be very grateful.

Czech Danish German English Spanish Finnish French Croatian Italian Norwegian (Bokmål) Dutch Polish Swedish Chinese (PRC) Slovakian Turkish Indian (Telugu) Japanese Lithuanian Catalan Greek Hebrew Russian Farsi (Persian) Bosnian Portuguese Hungarian Portuguese_Brazilian Romanian Afrikaans Ukrainian Slovenian

If you use the pictorial captcha system, we have some great captcha image packs for you.

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FlexiContact for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x
FlexiContact Component Version 8.05
FlexiContact User Guide Version 8.05

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