Plotalot makes it easy to create live charts and place them on your site. You must be able to write the SQL queries to retrieve the data you want to plot, but if you can do that, Plotalot will take the data and use the Google Visualization API to produce line graphs, scatter graphs, bar charts, or pie charts of your data, with numerous formatting options. Plotalot does all the hard work for you. These pie charts are drawn live from the Joomla database of this site. Hover your mouse over them:

This chart takes data from the log table generated by our FlexiContactPlus component.

This chart takes data from the Joomla article table, using the query "Select title, hits From jos_content Order By hits Desc Limit 10"

Using the free Plotalot component you can display any number of charts on your site. This page uses the Plotalot Plugin to include charts in an article, which gives you full control of the page layout.

This graph shows monthly downloads of our MiniCalendar Module, which has separate downloads for Joomla 1.5 and 1.6+.

Some more of Plotalot's features:

Plotalot can also draw tables. This one is produced by Plotalot live from the Joomla database of this site, using the query "select title as Article, date(modified) as Updated from jos_content order by modified desc limit 10"
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  • Charts can be responsive. Try resizing this page.
  • Line graphs, scatter graphs and area charts with multiple plots.
  • Horizontal or vertical stacked or grouped bar charts.
  • 2D or 3D pie charts, gauges, timelines, bubble charts and combo charts
  • Legend at top, bottom, left, right, or none.
  • Optional grid.
  • Titles and axis labels can be simple text or SQL queries.
  • Axis limits can be automatic, fixed, or SQL generated.
  • Unlimited chart size.
  • SQL can include various types of variables, e.g. the logged-in user ID, or any GET or POST variables.
  • Query the local site database or any other MySql database.
  • Build tables with any number of rows and columns. You just specify the SQL query.
  • Make dynamic "Single items" that merge seamlessly with article text (Good morning, it's 9:27 AM GMT). You just specify the SQL query.
  • No libraries to install, just a normal Joomla component and plugin.
  • Charts can be cached as scripts on your server to reduce database load. You just specify the cache time in seconds. The charts on this site are only re-created every ten minutes.
  • The Plotalot GPL open source charting class can easily be built in to your own code to add powerful charting to the back or front end of your own Joomla extensions. Several of our extensions now include Plotalot charts.
  • Fully documented in a PDF user guide packed with details, hints, tips, screen shots, and SQL samples.

Old Plotalot

Plotalot now uses the Google Visualization API. Older versions of Plotalot used the Google Charts API which is now deprecated. Upgrading to "New Plotalot" is straightforward and fully explained in the user guide. We no longer support the Google Charts API version.

Language Support

At the front end, Plotalot is completely language independent. Charts appearing on the site are entirely configured by you.

At the back end, Plotalot can be translated into any language by adding a language file. New translations are welcome and will be added to the product. The following languages are currently included, but most are in need of some updating.

English French Italian Russian Dutch German

Server Requirements

Plotalot requires PHP 5.0 or above and MySql 5.0 or above.

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