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Why We Don't Have a Forum

Keeping a forum clean, organised, and useful is a very time-consuming job, and often ends up being a bad solution to bad products and bad documentation. We believe it is better for everyone if we spend our time improving our code and our documentation so that you never encounter problems in the first place. Our goal is for our user guides to be a complete, well organised reference to everything there is to know about our products, including examples and troubleshooting. We welcome your feedback on our documentation and we are always happy to add any additional details, explanations, and examples.


We accept translations of our products and integrate them into our products. To submit a translation, please contact us using the Contact Us page. We will always reply. You can then send the files as attachments. We maintain the French translations of our products ourselves, but we are far from fluent and always grateful for corrections.

Reviews Are Important!

There are thousands of extensions on the Joomla Extensions Directory so it is becoming more and more difficult to know which ones to choose. Reviews cost nothing and are enormously helpful to everyone involved with Joomla. If you appreciate the months of work that have gone into our extensions, please spend a few minutes posting a review. Please don't use a review to report a bug or a problem as it denies us the chance to get further details from you and fix it - please contact us first.


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