Joomla 2.5 and 3.x versions
Version Date Changes
3.09 12 February 2016 Switched to using cURL to start the scannng process, which should work on more servers. Also now logs an error to the history log if email sending fails after a scan.
3.08 17 January 2016 Add a user agent string to the request that starts the scanner, since a few servers do not accept requests without this.
3.07 9 October 2015 A fix to enable Eyesite to work on single language sites where a SEF extension does not allow the language prefix in the URL.
3.06 15 March 2015 Eyesite now works on https sites
Access to the admin interface can now be restricted using Joomla access control
The admin interface now supports the collapsable sidebar in Joomla 3.4
3.05 26 February 2015 New "Auto-Accept" mode. In Auto-Accept mode, you don't have to accept or reject changes. The changes are simply emailed to you and logged in the Eyesite History. In this mode you can maintain a full and detailed history of all changes to files on your website with no manual intervention required.
3.04 20 April 2014 Improved error handling and reporting when starting the scanner.
3.03 4 April 2014 Fixed a bug that prevented Reject List from working.
3.02 29 March 2014 You can now edit the title of history items (e.g. "Updated Joomla to latest version").
Updated the Dutch and Italian translations.
Added a link (on the Help and Support page) to Eyesite on the JED to make it easier for you to post a review!
3.01 12 February 2014 The installer now checks several server requirements and stops the install if Eyesite cannot run on the server. The conditions are: PHP Magic Quotes must be OFF, cannot run on https sites, must be able to write to a socket.
3.00 1 February 2014 This is a major re-work with many new features, while preserving the same algorithms that have always worked so well. Launching the scanner using Cron is no longer supported - a new system plugin makes the job of running regular scans much easier than before. Please see the user guide for full details.
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