"How much would it cost to do ....".

Sometimes, "off the shelf" software does not quite fit the way you run your business. Lots of you write to us and say, "your extension is great, but we need it to do xyz". Some of you ask us how much it would cost for us to make the change for you, probably hoping that the cost will be in some kind of proportion to the cost of the extension...

We are very receptive to your ideas, and they are all recorded, tracked, and prioritised in a big spreadsheet. We discuss and consider them, and in time, some of them get implemented. We need your ideas - we can't think of everything ourselves. But adding new features takes time and we can't do them all, so we try to focus on the features that will benefit the most people.

Unfortunately we cannot take on bespoke work for money. You may not realise it, but just to figure out how much to charge for a piece of work is often, in itself, a substantial piece of work. We cannot just think of a number! We would have to understand and clarify the requirement, investigate any API's involved, make a draft design, estimate the number of hours required to code, test and document the solution, and then prepare a contractual statement of work. Of course, everyone expects this up-front work to be provided for free. Unfortunately, we have no way to assess whether you are a large business with deep pockets, or a small website builder with a tight budget, but our experience has been that our quotes are always between 10 and 100 times more than you were willing to pay. We have wasted more than enough time that way, so now we simply say this: "We don't do bespoke work"!

Our extensions do what they do. We will always fix bugs, but we make no other commitment to meet your expectations or requirements!


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