Les Arbres Web Solutions

We are professional software engineers with decades of experience in banking, middleware, security, and other industries. We enjoy what we do and we take pride in our work. We like things that are well built, and work well. We like things that are easy to use, even when they do complex things. We're not impressed by bloat, frills, or clever code. Simplicity is harder to achieve, but we try.

14 years on the JED14 years on the Joomla Extensions Directory

We started writing Joomla extensions in 2007, posting our first extension, FlexiContact, on the Joomla Extensions Directory in 2009. Since then, we continue to publish a range of free and paid extensions, mostly just sharing software that we needed to write for ourselves for some reason or other. As our extensions became popular and requests for new features and support became too time-consuming to service for free, we introduced some paid extensions. The paid extensions enable us to keep our free extensions up to date and relevant.

Software Should be Documented!

For some reason, a lot of open source software is either not very well documented, or not documented at all. Users need to search through forums or wait for answers from the developer. It's frustrating for everyone.

We're different. We work as hard on our documentation as we do on our software because it saves everyone time, especially us. Which means that when we do get a good question from a user, we have the time to answer it fully and follow it up with useful changes to the software or documentation. We've been doing this for years, and the benefits are clear. Our user guides are complete and always up to date, so you don't have to search forums, and you rarely need to ask us for help. And our software is robust and reliable, silently handling all of the issues that have cropped up over the years.

We Work Hard

Developing for Joomla is hard work. You are a world of different people, with different skills, needs, and priorities. You speak hundreds of different languages, and your servers are configured in thousands of different ways. Developing Joomla extensions requires knowledge of PHP, HTML, HTTP, CSS, SQL, MVC, XML, Javascript, AJAX, jQuery, Bootstrap, and of course, Joomla itself. There are multi-language, multi-currency, character-set and timezone issues. The Joomla project keep changing their API; they often break our code, and they certainly don't hold our views about documentation. It's a hard job, and it's not easy to build a sustainable business in a world where so much is free. So go easy on us. Be reasonable, and if you can, be fair.

Just One Request

You are very welcome to our free software. We need to provide it for several reasons. For one thing, the sheer number of users helps us to refine and perfect our code, which feeds back into the paid extensions. We only ask that you try to avoid contacting us about the free products unless you are certain you have found a bug. You'll find that we place some obstacles in your way before you can contact us about free software. We're sorry that was necessary. If you do find a bug, please do contact us. You'll often find that we'll reply within minutes, and we'll have an answer or a fix within hours.

Your Feedback is Always Welcome

We are always happy to receive feedback and feature requests. We can't implement all your ideas but we do need them. No-one gives us a specification for our products. We can't know what you want if you don't tell us, so please be generous with your thoughts and ideas. There's a feedback form here.

Reviews Are More Than Nice

We don't seem to get many reviews, and we suspect that's because very few of you need to contact us. It's a little perverse that we are punished on the Joomla Extension Directory for having properly documented software that just works. So please, if our software works well for you, leave us a review on the JED. Nothing lifts our spirits more than a nice review.