Free Products

We're sorry but we can't provide free support for free software. We need to spend our time earning a living like everyone else. We make every effort to ensure that our free software works in as many environments as possible and that the documentation is adequate for the majority of users, but we can't offer any guarantee of success in all environments or for all users. However, if you are an experienced Joomla user and feel that you have identified a problem that we need to know about, please do report it. We are very receptive to real problems and will fix them promptly.

Paid Products

Option 1: No Support

When you choose the unsupported version of a paid product, we will always help if you find a bug in our software - but we do expect you to do some initial analysis to verify that the problem really is in our software. Ideally you should send us the simplest possible test case that can reproduce the problem. Once we have a confirmed bug or problem, we will go to great lengths to solve it. If you ask for support that clearly doesn't relate to a deficiency in the product itself, we will politely decline your request. We won't help you with styling or personalising the software. There are, of course, grey areas where it's hard to decide where to draw the line. We try to be as fair as we can and we hope that you will understand our position. We don't like saying "no", but we can't afford to give our time away for free either. Option 1 gets you the bare software. Please do not buy option 1 and then ask for basic support. Inexperienced users probably shouldn't buy option 1.

Option 2: Minimal Support

With option 2 we'll be happy to give you some limited advice. Officially we limit it to "one incident", but if it's two or three quick questions that don't require too much of our time, we won't quibble. If you can't get the product to work, we will help you until you are up and running. There's a big difference between option 1 and option 2.

Option 3: Full Support

With option 3 you have our full attention. You have top priority and will receive detailed responses. Officially there's a limit of five support incidents but we won't quibble unless you are unreasonable. Option 3 tells us that you recognise and value our expertise. That makes a huge difference to us.

You can use our software on as many sites as you wish, but support is only for a single website. Support is provided by email only.

Why We Don't Have a Forum

In the Joomla world, forums are often used as a substitute for proper documentation - an approach that we profoundly disagree with. Users must search through endless irrelevant or out-dated posts, and staff must answer the same questions over and over again. We believe it is far better for everyone if we spend our time improving our code and our documentation so that you don't have to waste time searching a forum or waiting for answers. Our approach has been a resounding success. We are frequently complimented on the quality of our documentation and we continue to update and improve it. We don't need a forum and have no intention of implementing one.

Please Read The User Guide

Our goal is for our user guides to be a complete, well organised reference to everything there is to know about our products, including examples and troubleshooting. Our documentation is always fully updated, checked, and where appropriate, tested, before a new version of a product is considered ready for release. Sometimes the documentation review shows up potential improvements to the code, in which case we go around the loop again until we are happy with both the code and the documentation as a complete system. Then we release the product, and not before. We put a huge amount of time and effort into our documentation. We welcome your feedback on it and we are always happy to add additional details, explanations, and examples. 

Despite our efforts, about half of all support emails could be answered by reading the user guides. For the free products, we don't answer those emails. For paid products we can't do that, but if the answer is in the user guide, that is the answer you will eventually receive so you could save yourself some time by checking first.

Language Translation Submissions

We accept translations of our products and integrate them into our products. To submit a translation, please use this contact page where you can attach your file. We maintain some of the French translations ourselves, but we are far from fluent and are always grateful for corrections.

We Like Getting Reviews!

If you'd like to do something to help us, please leave us a review at the Joomla Extensions Directory. Nothing lifts our spirits more than a nice review. But please don't use a review to report a bug or a problem - contact us first!