Joomla 3.x versions

Version Date Changes
15.02 18 October 2018 Fixes for two more bugs introduced in version 15.00.
- On multi-language sites with separate menu items for the book and enquire views for each language, the correct menu item was not always chosen for use by the book and enquire buttons.
- On the daily view, changeover days followed by an un-priced period were not clickable.
A Catalan translation is now included.
15.01 30 September 2018 Fixes for three bugs introduced in version 15.00.
- Unable to send emails from the booking "Send email" page, on single language sites.
- Unit specific period overrides were not applied correctly.
- On the daily view, changeover days followed by a booked period were not clickable.
15.00 23 September 2018 Please read the Upgrade guide before installing this release as there are some things you need to do.
Now runs in Joomla 4 (tested in Alpha 4) as well as Joomla 3.7.0 and above.
No longer uses Bootstrap.
Now maintains user selections and input in the session instead of hidden fields, so is now much better at maintaining context as the user moves around your site.
There are now six front end date selection modes to choose from, including arrival/number of nights, check-in/check-out, collection/return, etc.
Users can now stay at the booking form to check different pricing options. The booking form never diverts to the check availability view.
The booking, enquiry and check forms have been re-designed and now use Ajax.
There are new options for field configuration on the enquiry and booking forms.
The search form has been simplified and re-designed and is now much more mobile-friendly.
Attributes can now be searchable or unsearchable, enabling the search form to be further simplified.
There's now a choice of four different colour schemes, and CSS customisation is much easier than before.
The Plugin now has an Enquiry view.
Google maps can now be responsive.
There are new options for defining calendar start and end dates
In the back end:
There's a new price creation page that can create prices for irregular periods.
Booking records now list the associated payments in Payage, with direct links to them.
Bookings now store the client's language.
Documents can be created in any site language, defaulting to the booking language.
There is a change to the way that the %T_SALUTATION% variable works, which requires your attention.
There are other minor fixes and changes.
14.06 9 July 2018 Unfortunately, version 14.05 introduced bug in the processing of the daily availability popup buttons. It has been fixed.
14.05 8 July 2018 There's a new configuration section for data anonymisation and deletion periods.
You can now override minimum days, maximum days and security deposit for specific periods, per unit.
Some minor cosmetic fixes to the front end, especially the form fields. Responsive improvements to the classic view and search form.
The daily with prices table has an extra class to enable it to be styled differently, and it's now a little smaller.
There's a new option to control the size of the jQuery date picker on the front end.
Minor bugs fixed in the Booking Overview report, Schedule report, and Financial report.
Several of the report downloads could include extra random data following the report. This has been fixed.
The admin-side booking page has been re-organised into four tabs. In the Template editor, the variables are now on a separate tab and in three columns.
There are four new variables %T_PEOPLE%, %T_NIGHTS%, %T_DAYS%, and %T_BOOKING_DATE%.
The booking export file now includes the booking reference.
There is now a separate text template for the email sent to the user in response to the enquiry form.
If iCal auto-import is configured, the system does an extra import when the online booking form is invoked.
iCal import has a new option to take the client name from the iCal PRODID record.
Bug fix for the CSS file override location.
14.04 25 February 2018 Added a 500ms delay to the tooltips on the daily availability calendar, which greatly improves usability.
The numbers of adults, children and babies are now stored separately on the booking record, and there are three new variables %T_NUM_ADULTS%, %T_NUM_CHILDREN%, %T_NUM_BABIES%.
Three new Extra price types, Per adult per booking, Per adult per day and Per adult per week.
Extra prices are now correctly calculated in the back end, according to the numbers of adults, children and babies (previously, extras prices that depended on the number of people were only calculated correctly on the front end).
Extras that have their default number = minimum = maximum are shown on the booking form as read-only so that the user cannot select any other value.
Individual units can now have different Payage payment groups, i.e. different payment gateway accounts.
Deleting a booking now triggers an iCal auto-export.
iCal export now includes bookings where the departure date is in the future, rather than the arrival date.
You can now select the booking statuses that are included in the iCal auto-export.
The iCal export configuration page has been simplified, and there is now a preview button.
Bug fix: The pagination links on the payments due report were not working.
Bug fix: The booking export did not correctly select bookings between the from and to dates selected on the booking list.
The Reset button on the reports now resets the pagination as well as the filters.
The block view CSS styling has been updated.
Active bookings are now highlighted on the booking list.
There are 7 new plugin views, enabling construction of highly customised unit displays.
14.03 17 November 2017 Fix for a bug introduced in version 14.02 that could prevent the notifier completing in some configurations.
Fix for an issue introduced in version 14.01 that could cause the front end to switch language unpredictably in some rare circumstances.
You can now choose the language that the Notifier process runs with (in Configuration, Notifier).
The Dutch translation has been fully updated.
14.02 7 November 2017 On the 1st of November 2017 Yahoo terminated their exchange rate API service with no notice or warning. This release downloads exchange rates from Please see the latest user guide for the additional configuration step required.
The iCal import Preview button now uses the saved import settings, not the fields on the import settings page. In version 14.01 the Preview button used the unsaved page fields, which was not the intended functionality.
14.01 27 October 2017 The popup dialog on the clickable daily view now includes its own book, enquire, and "Change dates" buttons.
On the clickable daily view, if bookings are restricted to arrival and departure on changeover days only, other days are not clickable.
The notifier plugin is no longer needed and is uninstalled by the installation of this version.
The iCal sync functions are now on two separate pages accessed from the configuration menu. There is no longer a "sync" button on the booking list.
iCal files can now be imported automatically with checks every hour.
iCal manual export now has separate filters, which are persistent across logins.
Guest names can now be extracted from iCal files using a regular expression.
Individual Units can now be bookable online or not.
There are new variables for the individual address fields.
Variables can now have a default value, e.g %T_EXTRAS;No extras%.
The booking list, price list, and report filter settings are now persistent across logins.
You can now configure various input date formats for the admin interface.
There is a new date format for both input and output, DD-MM-YYYY.
The Lead Sources are now translatable.
The translated unit name and short description are now shown on the "all units" Google map.
The link icons on the block view now look more like buttons.
There are some new extra/attribute icons.
On the daily view, booked changeover days were previously clickable, now they are not.
There's a further fix for multiple select lists appearing when the jQuery Chosen extension is loaded.
The Serbian translation has been removed because it hadn't been updated for a long time.
14.00 26 June 2017 Rentalot Plus is now fully multi-language with built-in translation of all objects. Please see the Upgrade Guide for full details. The demo site has been upgraded to multi-language so that you can see how the translation system works.
There's a brand new selection of over 150 clean, modern, frameless, transparent icons for both attributes and extras. There's also a new way to control the size of the icons.
The front end has a brand new, softer and more modern default colour scheme. Please see the demo site for a preview.
There are new options for the booking address fields and address validation.
The styling and timing of the pricing dialogs on the daily view have been improved to make the system easier for users to understand and use.
There are six new jQuery date picker themes. The Joomla and MooTools date pickers are deprecated. There are some more minor changes and new features.
Please read the Upgrade Guide before upgrading to this release.
13.03 9 May 2017 You can now configure the maximum number of nights that can be booked online.
The security deposit and minimum and maximum nights are now configured per unit instead of globally.
The guest name has been added to the payment item name to make it easier to match bookings with external payment statements.
It's now possible to add additional details to the Booking Details panel on the My Booking page (see the User Guide for how to do this).
Merged emails can now be sent to any email addresses, not just the client's address.
The output date formats YYYY-MM-DD and DD.MM.YYYY added in version 13.01 did not work in the classic view. This has been fixed.
Re-coding of deprecated Joomla functions, in preparation for future Joomla versions. The minimum Joomla version required is now 3.4.8.
Some minor cosmetic fixes.
13.02 20 February 2017 Fixed a bug that could result in failure to correctly merge some variables into the post payment text on some sites.
Also fixed a bug that caused an error when editing a currency record.
13.01 26 January 2017 iCal import/export improved handling of escaped text according to RFC2445.
iCal import splits names into salutation, forenames, and surnames.
Fixed: Some characters in HTML My Documents did not display properly in some browsers.
Added two new output date format choices, YYYY-MM-DD and DD.MM.YYYY.
13.00 22 January 2017 Significant improvements to the daily availability calendar, now showing departure dates as half red/half green, etc. Please see the upgrade guide for a full description.
The My Booking page now shows clients a summary of their booking, allows them to make payments, and download documents.
Documents (e.g. an invoice) can now be produced automatically.
There are 12 new template variables and two new sample templates.
Lists and reports in the back end now have start and end date filters instead of the previous arrangement.
There's a new "Edit All" page where you can edit up to 500 prices at once.
Please see the upgrade guide for a fuller description of these and more enhancements.
12.04 11 January 2017 Fixed: Subsequent online payments for online bookings have not been recorded on the booking record since version 12.03. This means that any further payments will request the wrong amount from the client. The problem is fixed in version 12.04 but you should check that payments received since you updated to version 12.03 are ticked in the relevant booking records. The payments were processed correctly, they are correctly recorded in Payage, and the client received the email acknowledging the payment. But you do need to check that they are ticked in the booking records.
12.03 23 November 2016 Option to automatically trigger an iCal export every time a booking is created or changed.
You can now change the iCal export file name, including moving it to a different directory.
There's now a choice of ways to include the client name in iCal exports.
Outgoing emails and payment events are now logged to the System Log.
Some French and German translation updates.
12.02 11 November 2016 Supports the Joomla Update System. The Joomla admin interface will automatically notify you of new releases, and you will be able to install them with a single click in the Extensions Update Manager.
The notifier plugin now logs its activity to a database table (the System Log) which is much easier to view and search than the old log files.
The enquiry and booking forms now use the specific html5 field types for email and numeric fields, which provides a usability improvement on many mobile devices.
There are new versions of both plugins that also support the Joomla Update System. Upgrading the plugins is optional; The old versions continue to work with this release.
12.01 26 October 2016 Fixed a minor bug in the back end: The attribute images did not show on the Unit list and Unit configuration page. Also increased the CSS z-index of the popup pricing overlay of the daily view.
12.00 22 October 2016 The daily view tooltips and click functions have been completely re-written to be much more mobile-friendly.
The Tooltips and click functions can now be configured separately.
All Javascript has been migrated from MooTools to jQuery.
All CSS, image, and Javascript files are now loaded from the /media folder.
Please read the notes in the Upgrade Guide before upgrading to this release.
11.02 6 October 2016 Rentalot Plus now supports the import and export of iCal (.ics) files to synchronise bookings with external calendars.
11.01 26 September 2016 The security deposit can now be collected as a completely separate final payment. Please see the latest user guide for an example of how to do this.
11.00 29 July 2016 Joomla 2.5 is no longer supported. Since this is a major release please see the Upgrade Guide for full details of all changes.
Bookings can now have user defined fields, and there are new template variables for the user defined fields.
Units now have map coordinates, and the new map view can draw maps for one or all units. See the demo site for examples.
The booking reference field is now defaulted to the unique record ID if it is left blank.
The backend booking list is now searchable by booking reference, record ID, or name.
The front end enquiry and booking form layouts have been improved.
The two plugins are not affected and have not been updated for this release.

Joomla 2.5 and 3.x versions

Version Date Changes
10.16 22 April 2016 Enquiries now have three separate fields for the client name.
Fixed: Attributes assignments did not save with unit descriptions (broken since 10.13)
10.15 07 April 2016 Fix for the email sending problem in Joomla 3.5.1 - more information here.
10.14 28 March 2016 Fixed: The admin charts did not work under PHP 7.
Updated the Danish language translation.
10.13 18 March 2016 Added an email test button to General Configuration.
Changed the Search form from a Post to a Get so that users can go back easily.
10.12 29 February 2016 There are now three options for scheduling payment of the security deposit:
1: Add it to the total cost and apportion over all payments (as in previous versions).
2: Collect entirely with the first payment.
3: Collect entirely with the last payment.
There is a new option (in booking options) to show or not show the price detail list on the booking form.
There is a new option (in booking options) to define the menu itemid of the payment return page, so that you can define the modules that appear on that page.
There is a new email variable, %T_AMOUNT_DUE_NOW% - the total amount due as of today and not yet paid.
Mandatory fields (and their labels) on the enquiry and booking form can now be targetted in css.
If the enquiry list field is mandatory, this is not enforced if the list field has less than 2 items.
10.11 29 January 2016 Fixed a bug in the admin booking list, where the filters sometimes did not select all of the bookings that they should have.
10.10 11 January 2016 Fixed a bug in the booking overview report that caused bookings to be repeated for the wrong units.
Front end views have an additional option to centralise top images.
10.09 18 October 2015 The start and end date in all of the availability views can now be set to a number of months in the future. This can provide a huge improvement, for example showing a self-maintaining 12 month view.
Minimum days now applies to enquiries as well as bookings.
The booking overview chart now includes bookings that end in the selected period, as well as bookings that start in the selected period.
Fixed a Javascript "Calendar.setup" error that occurred if the Joomla date picker was used (e.g. with check availability view) after a read more break in a unit description.
Supports the collapsible sidebar in Joomla 3.4.
Various cosmetic improvements in the admin interface.
10.08 25 March 2015 Fixed a bug (introduced in version 10.05) that meant that not all the date filters were actioned during the booking export.
Fixed a bug that could cause the booking overview chart to show the wrong dates on some servers.
10.07 11 January 2015 Fixed a bug (introduced in version 10.06) that could sometimes cause automatic notification emails not to be sent.
Included an updated Dutch langage file kindly donated by a customer.
Removed the Norwegian language file as it was very outdated.
10.06 18 December 2014 The client name is now entered in three separate parts, salutation, forenames, and surname. There are new text variables that enable the parts to be used separately in texts and emails.
The client address is now entered in separate fields, including an optional country select list. A new booking option enables enhanced address validation, which was necessary to support the SagePay payment gateway.
All "label" elements on input forms now have "for" attributes, which provides a better experience on touchscreens.
10.05 23 August 2014 The booking list, financial report and schedule report can now be filtered to start at any selected month and year, and show a specific number of months. Very useful for owners with large numbers of bookings.
The plugin has a new optional parameter "link_title" for the Unit view only.
A small change was required to work with the Barclaycard ePDQ payment gateway introduced in version 1.03 of Payage.
Fixed an HTML error (an unclosed div) that occurred if extras were configured to be displayed but no extras existed.
10.04 07 August 2014 BUG FIX: Read More links on the plugin calls were not being actioned. This has been fixed.
10.03 20 July 2014 MooTools date pickers are now responsive.
2 new template variables for Arrival and Departure days.
Some minor enhancements
10.02 4 May 2014 BUG FIX: The plugin generated a fatal error when displaying the classic availability table. This has been fixed.
10.01 17 April 2014 Pending payments now do not tick the "paid" box in bookings.
10.00 14 April 2014 Rentalot Plus now uses Payage to manage its payments and payment gateways. Payage is our free Joomla component dedicated to the management of payments and payment gateways. If you are upgrading from a previous release of Rentalot Plus please see the Upgrade Guide for more details.
Rentalot Plus now supports discount vouchers.
9.01 9 March 2014 Improved handling of the possibility of a double booking for the same dates.
9.00 23 February 2014 You must upgrade the article plugin and the notifier plugin when upgrading to this release of the component.
Joomla 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 are no longer supported.
New graphical booking overview chart in the back end.
Price notes are now generated for all bookings, not just multi-period bookings.
All image and other paths are now relative instead of absolute.
Numerous cosmetic improvements to the front end.
There can now be more than one condensed daily view on the same page.
Several fixes for HTML5 validation.
Added support for the HTML5 date picker.
German language file updated.

Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.x versions

Version Date Changes
8.04 03 February 2014 Improved responsiveness of book and enquire links on the block and classic views on touchscreens, particularly the iPad and iPhone.
Underscores in currency symbols are now interpreted as a space.
The MooTools date-picker themes have been greatly improved
Fixed: A change in Joomla 3.2.1 meant that an upgrade install could delete the list of unit attributes for a unit.
8.03 12 January 2014 Fixed: The wrong dates were shown if the booking form was re-displayed with validation errors. Also some minor responsive CSS improvements
8.02 30 November 2013 Fixed a bug introduced in version 8.00 that caused the search plugin function to not work properly
New report in back end: Booking Overview Report
8.01 22 September 2013 Minor improvements for touchscreens, mobile phones, and tablets.
Minor improvements to the French translation.
Fixed a minor bug in the display of the daily availability key styles.
8.00 25 August 2013 Please see the Upgrade Guide for full details of this release.
All front end views are now responsive. This required major changes to the front end CSS, which will impact sites where the Rentalot Plus CSS has been customised.
The daily clickable tooltips now work on touch screens.
Booking Start and End dates have been changed to Arrival and Departure dates.
The Payments Due Report now has a Unit filter, and the total amount is now a grand total of all records which fit the criteria, not just those displayed on the current page.
The Payments list view now shows the payer's email address, and is now searchable by name or email address.
Fixed a problem with FaLang in Joomla 3.x.
There are two new template variables for base price and extras price.
There is now a separate email template for payment via Bank Transfer.
7.06 06 August 2013 Fixed a bug, introduced in version 7.05.04, that could result in data from the wrong booking being merged when using the Send Email button on the back end booking screen.
Added a new email merge variable, %T_BASE_PRICE%
Cosmetic improvements to the back end booking screen when running on Joomla 3.x.
Fixed a minor bug in the Norwegian language file.
7.05.04 02 July 2013 Enable JoomFish/FaLang to translate Unit Name
7.05.02 01 May 2013 Verified on Joomla version 3.1.
7.05 25 April 2013 ReadMore links were not generated properly in the Unit Search View on some sites.
7.04 10 April 2013 Fixed a bug introduced in version 7.00, which could result in bookings not showing correctly in the back end if an online booking was made by clicking on a book button in the Unit Search view. Users with versions 7.00 - 7.03 who use the Unit Search view with Book buttons enabled should upgrade.
Updated the Dutch translation.
7.03 20 March 2013 Two bug fixes: The search plugin view did not work correctly in Internet Explorer.
The clickable daily tooltips did not work correctly when the input date format was dd-mm-yy or mm-dd-yy
7.02 11 March 2013 Fixed a bug in the daily view clickable tooltips where language strings contain apostrophes (e.g. French)
Updated the Danish translation.
7.01 4 March 2013 Three bug fixes:
1. If a booking was created in the back end, and the additional payment link sent to the client, the payment was correctly recorded, but the payment was not flagged as paid on the booking record.
2. The price and booking export files could sometimes be corrupted in Joomla 3.
3. Price files containing accented characters were not correctly imported.
7.00 26 February 2013 Two new modes of the daily availability calendar, "Auto" and "Slider"
The daily availability calendar is now clickable
Early Booking Discounts
Book buttons now go directly to the booking form if valid dates have already been selected
New options to enforce that bookings start on a start date and/or end on an end date
Please upgrade the article plugin when upgrading to this release of the component.
6.02 22 January 2013 Support for the new search view of the plugin.
The style of the front-end tooltips has been greatly improved, with a lot more information on the daily availability tooltips.
New configuration parameter for number of days to add when calculating week numbers.
Please read the Upgrade Guide when upgrading to (or beyond) this release.
Please upgrade the article plugin when upgrading to this release of the component.
6.01 6 December 2012 Fixed a pagination problem in the unit search view, broken since version 5.00.
6.00 2 December 2012 Now compatible with Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.0
Fixed the PayPal test button, which got broken by a change to the expected error code returned by PayPal.
Data import from free Rentalot is no longer automatic, please see the upgrade guide for more information.
Please upgrade the article plugin when upgrading to this release of the component.

Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5 versions

Version Date Changes
5.03 9 August 2012 Fix for a change in the PayPal Sandbox that prevented payment verification for a test account.
Fix for a problem that prevented PayPal IPN transactions being processed on a few servers.
New permissions option to control which user groups can access the Rentalot Plus configuration options.
Updates to the Italian and Danish translations.
5.02 25 May 2012 Extras can now apply to some units and not others.
New: Payments Due Report.
Custom email templates can now have a default subject.
Bcc emails are now sent as separate emails (some servers don't send bcc emails correctly).
There are now three options for "Copy Me" on the Enquiry View: Show checkbox / Always send / Never send.
5.01 6 April 2012 Added the new Block Availability View.
The three article plugins have been superseded by one new plugin. Please see the Upgrade Guide for more details.
Fixed a bug in the calculation of "per person" extras prices for bookings entered in the back end.
Fixed a bug in the Mootols calendars when the site input date format included a two digit year.
The component and plugins now work with PHP Strict Standards checking enabled.
5.00 20 March 2012 Export and import of prices enables easy management of prices in an external spreadsheet
Can now display tax amounts separately during online booking
Can now accept payment using PayPal secondary email addresses
New "per person" price types for extras
Late bookings now take the full amount due according to the payment schedule
Overdue subsequent payments are now collected in full
Book and enquire buttons on "read more" pages
Improvements to the popup calendars, and two new themes 
Automatic unit_id when calling a Rentalot Plus plugin in a unit description
From and to dates can now be specified as Y to indicate the current year
There is a new "Check Availability" plugin
Greatly improved year filters in the back end
Several minor enhancements.
Please upgrade the article plugin when upgrading to this release of the component.
Please see the new Upgrade Guide for a fuller list and more details
4.16 17 January 2012 Now compatible with Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5.
Now supports FaLang, a successor to JoomFish for multi-lingual sites on newer versions of Joomla.
Front end links that resulted in long url's have been tidied up.
The home and mobile phone fields on the booking form, and the message field on the enquiry form, are now configurable to be disabled, optional, or mandatory.
Name and email address on the booking and enquiry forms are now filled in automatically for logged in users.
Added a new option for the unit titles on the search view to be linkable.