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May 2024

MiniCalendar is a simple calendar module. It has no active functions other than to display a calendar with a few options:

  • Selection of CSS files supplied, or make your own
  • Optional links to next and previous months
  • Specify the starting month and year, or the current date
  • Specify the length of the day names
  • Specify the starting day of the week
  • Specify the number of months to display
  • Optional week numbers
  • Use the server time-zone or force a specific one
  • Days and months are in the current site language

Once installed, go to Module Manager to access MiniCalendar's parameters. All the options are there. If you have any questions, please read the user guide.

MiniCalendar works in Joomla 3.10, all versions of Joomla 4, and Joomla 5 with or without the backward compatibility plugin.
MiniCalendar ModuleVersion 7.00
MiniCalendar User GuideVersion 7.00