Version Date Changes
1.12 18 February 2018 Now supports Joomla 4 (Alpha).
1.11 30 June 2017 Add the "Hamburger" option to easily make the select list menu look like a hamburger. Please see the updated User Guide.
1.10 31 October 2016 Supports the Joomla Update System. The Joomla admin interface will automatically notify you of new releases, and you will be able to install them with a single click in the Extensions Update Manager.
New German translation.
Language files moved from the system language directory to the module directory.
1.09 24 July 2016 Fixed a PHP Notice error that could occur with recent versions of Joomla. Also added a new option to prevent the "Chosen" Javascript from modifying the dropdown list menu.
1.08 9 November 2015 The First Item Text parameter now accepts html, so that you can use Unicode ☰ to create a hamburger (☰) icon.
1.07 19 October 2015 New module parameter to show or not show separator items on the select list menu.
1.06 30 April 2015 Fix to correctly handle heading and separator menu items.
1.05 24 October 2014 Fix to correctly handle menus with more than two levels.
1.04 25 February 2014 Fix to correctly handle a Menu Class Suffix with a leading space.
1.03 10 December 2013 Added the "First Item Text" option - please see the latest user guide for details.
1.01 16 November 2013 First public release