Les Arbres Web Solutions

Browsers and Devices

At the front end, our extensions produce valid HTML5 and CSS 3.0, which are now well supported by the vast majority of modern browsers and devices. We obviously can't guarantee perfect results on every device, especially older devices. If you find a problem in a major browser on an important device, please contact us and we will try to find a solution.

PHP Versions

We develop and test mainly on PHP 7.2. As far as we know our extensions still work in PHP 5.3 although we no longer test in that version. Our intention is to continue to support PHP 5.5 and 5.6 for as long as possible. If you have not yet upgraded to PHP 7 you should upgrade as soon as possible. Joomla 4 requires PHP 7 as a minimum, and sites run much faster with PHP 7.

We have PHP error reporting set to E_ALL | E_STRICT, which means that our released code should not issue any errors or notices. If you do see any errors or notices, please tell us.


Although Joomla 3 added support for SQL Server and PostgreSQL, our extensions only support MySql. We develop and test using MySql 5.5 and 5.6. Joomla 4 has dropped support for SQL Server, and it seems likely that support for PostgreSQL will eventually be dropped. We have never received a single request for either SQL Server or PostgreSQL support.

Javascript and Javascript Libraries

Most of our extensions use Javascript in the front end. There is nothing unusual in that and it shouldn't cause any problems. Most of our extensions also use the jQuery library, which also should not cause any problems if developers use it correctly. We always use the jQuery version supplied with Joomla, and we use the correct Joomla API calls to load it which avoids multiple copies being loaded. Unfortunately there are still some extension and template providers who load their own copies or versions of jQuery, which can cause problems.

We used to use the Bootstrap framework on the front end of some of our components but it caused far too many support issues, partly because some sites have multiple copies of jQuery loaded, which breaks Bootstrap, and partly because the different versions of Bootstrap are incompatible and some sites had incompatible versions. Our extensions no longer load Bootstrap and now run quite happily with or without any version of Bootstrap loaded.

In the past our extensions used the MooTools library but all usage of MooTools has now gone from all of our extensions.