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Rentalot is an advanced rental management system for businesses in the holiday property rental market.

With Rentalot Plus you sell direct to the public. There are no fees or commissions to pay, other than your hosting fees and payment gateway fees. You manage the business in the Joomla administration interface, and your data is stored in your Joomla database.

Rentalot Plus is typically installed as part of a website dedicated to your business. You need to choose a Joomla Template that you like, and add some articles and interesting content to market your property. Rentalot Plus has several different ways to show your availability, all of which can lead to an enquiry form and/or a booking form. Online booking is optional. If you use it, you can choose from a range of different payment gateways.

We'll introduce some of the main features here. If you want to know more, please download the free user guide, or visit our demo site to see both the back end and the front end in action.

The Front End

At the front end, Rentalot Plus is a marketing engine. Whether you have one or hundreds of units, it's important that your potential customers have access to lots of information about the property they are planning to rent, and easy access to clearly presented pricing information. Rentalot Plus has many different ways to display information about your accommodation, availability, and prices. This is the "daily" view, where users can click on an arrival and a departure date to see exact availability and pricing information:

  • You can also show your availability as a simple list (in the "classic" Rentalot style), or a "block" view.
  • There's a search form, where clients can search all your properties by date, capacity, and facilities. And there's a check availability form, where clients can check the price and availability of a specific unit.
  • There's an enquiry form and a booking form. Clients can pay online and can receive a link to their My Booking page where they can download documents and make further payments.
  • There's a map view, which shows your units on a Google map, with markers, popup unit descriptions, and links to the booking and enquiry forms.

Business Features

At the back end, Rentalot Plus is an administration system that helps you to provide a first class professional service to your clients. It also has reports and charts that help you to manage and optimise your business.

  • Pricing
    Rentalot Plus calculates prices using "Price Periods". You can setup as many price periods as you want, each with its own unique price. A price period can be any length of time from a single day to an entire year. For example, if you only accept bookings for complete weeks starting on a Saturday, you would setup a price period for each week. Your price periods don't have to be of equal length, so if you only do full weeks in high season, but accept daily bookings out of season, Rentalot Plus can easily handle that. If a client books a period of time that crosses multiple price periods, Rentalot Plus adds up the prices of the individual periods to calculate the total price. If a client wants to book part of a price period, he is charged the full price of any price period overlapped by the booking. How you setup your price periods depends entirely on your business, but Rentalot Plus should be able to handle most cases.
  • Payment Schedule
    The initial booking payment can be a fixed amount, a percentage of the total, or the whole amount. You can configure up to three further payments at variable dates. The system will email you when payments are due, and reports show payments due and payments received.
  • Discounts
    There are three different kinds of discounts. Early booking discount applies to bookings made more than a certain number of days before the arrival date. For multi-period bookings you can configure up to ten different discount levels, giving different discounts for different numbers of periods. You can also create discount vouchers, where customers can enter a code to activate the discount. Discounts can be a percentage or a fixed amount. Discounts apply to all units; it's not currently possible to configure different discounts for different properties.
  • Extras
    Rentalot Plus allows you to configure "Extras", or options (you can choose the words you want to use for "Extras" and "Units" on the front end). Rentalot Plus provides flexible pricing of extras as well as minimum and maximum numbers that can be ordered. If you use online booking, clients can book them at the same time as they book accommodation.
  • Reminder Emails
    The Notifier Plugin runs once per day to update the exchange rates for your chosen currencies and to send you reminders about payments due, guest arrivals, and departures. It's completely automatic, just install it, enable it, and forget about it. It will email you when a payment is due or a guest is due to arrive or depart.
  • Documents
    The My Booking page allows clients to check their booking details, make additional payments, and download documents. Documents can be generated manually or automatically, including any of the client's booking details.
  • Reports
    Rentalot Plus is designed to help you run your business easily so that you can concentrate on your customers. At the touch of a button you can see your gross profits, money due in and money due out. The Schedule Report has just the right information for preparing your accommodation and receiving your guests. Want to see if it’s worth renewing an advertisement? Just click on the lead source report. Want to see which extras make money and which don't? Just click on the Extras report.

Technical Features

  • Multi-currency
    You can configure as many different currencies as you wish. Exchange rates are automatically updated daily, and customers can view prices and make bookings in any of your offered currencies.
  • Multi-Language
    Rentalot Plus is fully multi-language, with built-in translation of all its elements. You do not need any additional software to use Rentalot Plus on a multi-language site. For fixed texts, both the back and front end use the standard Joomla language file system, and several language files are included with the product.
  • Styling
    Rentalot Plus should work in any Joomla Template so the overall style of your site is entirely up to you. All the HTML it generates has CSS classes so that you can style everything to your requirements without changing the code. Rentalot Plus has its own CSS file, which it loads on all its front end pages, so you can modify the default styling however you wish. Our demo site shows the default "out of the box" styles.
  • Documentation
    The Rentalot Plus User Guide explains every detail, from getting started to the last detail of every configuration option. It's big, but it will save you a lot of time and guesswork. If you want to take payments online, you'll also need the Payage User Guide to help you configure your chosen payment gateway. Unfortunately our user guides are only available in English.

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