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For a simple layout with one unit, you can use the menu item view and be up and running in moments. For more complex layouts or multiple units, you can use the Rentlot plugin to create any layout you like.

The Studio

21 September 1928 September 19€900,00Yes
28 September 195 October 19€900,00Yes
5 October 1912 October 19€900,00Yes
12 October 1919 October 19€900,00Yes
19 October 1926 October 19€900,00Yes
26 October 192 November 19€900,00Yes
2 November 199 November 19€900,00Yes
9 November 1916 November 19€900,00Ask
16 November 1923 November 19€900,00Ask
23 November 1930 November 19€900,00Yes
30 November 197 December 19€900,00Yes
7 December 1914 December 19BookedNo
14 December 1921 December 19BookedNo
21 December 1928 December 19€900,00Yes
28 December 194 January 20€900,00Yes
4 January 2011 January 20€900,00Yes
11 January 2018 January 20€900,00Yes

The columns shown in the availability table are configurable, as are the date formats. Each element of the table can be styled using css.

The currency selector is automatically displayed if you configure and publish more than one currency.

The back end of Rentalot is fully multi-currency aware, using a base currency of your choice.

The Palms

Sat June 20Sat June 27€575,00Yes
Sat June 27Sat July 4€575,00Yes
Sat July 4Sat July 11€575,00Yes
Sat July 11Sat July 18€575,00Yes
Sat July 18Sat July 25€575,00Yes
Sat July 25Sat August 1€575,00Yes
Sat August 1Sat August 8€575,00Yes
Sat August 8Sat August 15€575,00Yes
Sat August 15Sat August 22€575,00Yes
Sat August 22Sat August 29€575,00Yes
Sat August 29Sat September 5€575,00Yes
Sat September 5Sat September 12€575,00Yes

The Palms is a medium sized cabin. Situated right on the beach, the cabin is within easy walking distance of a number of beachside restaurants offering a large selection of fresh seafood.