Les Arbres Web Solutions

No Spam From Us

We do not send out email notifications when new versions of our extensions become available. If you want to receive emails when a new version of a product is available, you can use a service like Visualping to monitor the product's Version History page.

Joomla Will Inform You of Updates

All our extensions support the Joomla Update System, so Joomla will notify you of new releases. For free extensions all users can easily install the latest version from the Joomla Extensions: Update page.

Users of our paid extensions should enter their purchase transaction ID on the extension's About page. For as long as your subscription allows, you will be able to install updates using the Joomla Extensions: Update page. After your subscription ends, or if you do not enter your purchase ID, you will still be notified of updates, but you will not be able to install them using the Extensions: Update page.

If you don't want to be informed of updates by the Joomla Update System, you can selectively disable update notifications on the Joomla Extensions: Update Sites page.

Check Before You Update

In an ideal world, you should test new versions of software on a test site before installing them on your live site. In practice we know that people don't do this, so we have adopted this policy: For minor version changes (like 5.09 to 5.10) there will be no significant changes to the front end of your site, and no additional action is required on your part. Major version changes (like 5.10 to 6.00) might impact the front end of your site or require additional action on your part. For major version changes you should check the version history and the product documentation for the new version before updating.