Version Date Changes
12.04 2 January 2019 RSFirewall was showing Flexicontact as a potential threat. Nothing to worry about, but this version removes the line of code that RSFirewall objected to.
12.03 14 December 2018 Supports the Joomla Invisible Captcha Plugin introduced in Joomla 3.9.
Improved handling of various captcha configuration errors.
The message field width parameter has been removed because specifying a width was non-responsive. The width is now always controlled by the CSS.
Several fixes for Joomla 4 Alpha 5.
12.02 15 August 2018 Fixed a bug that in certain circumstances could enable forms to be submitted without selecting a captcha image.
There's now a specific error message for the name field.
There's a small CSS fix for some templates.
12.01 17 July 2018 You can now configure a log data retention period in days.
The agreement required check value is now logged with the log data.
12.00 7 April 2018 You can now configure the subject lines of the admin and user emails separately, and independantly of the subject line entered by the user, including variables.
There's one new email variable, %V_SITE_NAME%.
Css and captcha images are now loaded from /media instead of the component assets directory.
The original 20 default image captcha images are no longer included - just download the image pack of your choice.
If you use the image captcha system please check that your captcha images work as expected. You might need to reinstall your image pack.
Captcha images now have non-blank alt text to improve SEO ranking.
If you use the Joomla ReCaptcha plugin, it is now centered on the form.
The name field on the form is now validated more strictly, and restricted to 60 characters.
In the back end, several configuration pages have been reorganised. The variables list is now on a separate tab and has been reorganised to make it easier to use.
The Bosnian (bs-BA) and Croatian (hr-HR) language files have been updated.
The minimum Joomla version is now 3.7.0
11.03 19 December 2017 Fixed: Version 11.02 produced a PHP notice error on some servers.
11.02 15 December 2017 Now works with Joomla 4.00 alpha (Joomla 4 is not scheduled for release until mid-2018).
Danish language files updated.
Themes now load the en-GB theme language if the theme does not have the current site language.
11.01 3 August 2017 Fixed: Version 11.00 did not show the default subject on the form.
11.00 25 July 2017 The Send button is disabled after the form is submitted to protect against double sending.
New config option to add the autofocus attribute to the first field.
New config option to show an extra message at the top of the form if any fields are in error.
Changes to the front-end CSS for better consistency in various templates.
The width parameter on the menu item now applies only on large screens. On small screens the width reverts to 100%.
Improved handling of Joomla session errors, for example when browser cookies are blocked or disabled.
There is now a built-in trace function to help resolve complex problems.
10.06 2 June 2017 Some minor cosmetic improvements and fixes.
Re-coding of deprecated Joomla functions, in preparation for future Joomla versions. The minimum Joomla version required is now 3.4.8.
10.05 2 February 2017 There was an error in the configuration validation logic in 10.04.
10.04 30 January 2017 The confirmation page can now include variables from the form.
The first form field now has the html5 "autofocus" attribute.
Mandatory fields now have the html5 "required" attribute.
The appearance of the form is now better than ever, with or without bootstrap.css loaded.
10.03 9 December 2016 Fix for a PHP Notice error that could occur on some systems with version 10.02.
10.02 29 November 2016 The email field on the form is now an html5 email field, which provides a usability improvement on mobile devices.
When editing an email template, you can now click on a variable name to add it to the template.
Change to the handling of update checking as described in the user guide.
10.01 31 October 2016 Supports the Joomla Update System. The Joomla admin interface will automatically notify you of new releases, and you will be able to install them with a single click in the Extensions Update Manager.
10.00 12 October 2016 Now supports the Joomla ReCaptcha plugin, and compatible third party captcha plugins.
The captcha configuration has been moved from the menu item to the component back end.
You can now specify the magic word prompt.
Installing when you have a captcha image pack installed now does not install the default captcha images.
Improved form field styles. Some translation updates.
9.02 21 May 2016 There is a new menu item option to control the width of the contact form. Also a minor bug fix to load the correct language file for the error message when the admin email address is missing or invalid.
9.01 7 April 2016 Fix for Joomla 3.5.1 - more information here.
9.00 2 April 2016 Joomla 2.5 is no longer supported.
The old table-based form has been removed, leaving only the responsive form.
Greatly improved front-end CSS.
Admin page layouts improved.
Updated German translation, and other minor improvements.
8.08 31 December 2015 Added a configuration parameter for the Send button class. Logging has been upgraded to log more details, especially of the actual email addresses used, which should help with problem resolution.
8.07 8 October 2015 Supports administrative access control
Supports the Joomla Global option to add the site name to the page title.
8.06 23 March 2015 Supports the collapsible sidebar in Joomla 3.4
8.05 10 February 2015 There is now a "Raw Image Mode" option to solve problems with displaying the captcha images on a few servers
8.04 19 December 2014 Label elements on the contact form now have "for" attributes, which provides an improved experience on touchscreens.
Fixed a bug with the theme selector in the back end image maintenance page.
8.03 8 September 2014 Fixed browser detection for IE11.
Set meta data if specified in the menu item.
Minor improvements to front end CSS.
8.02 14 April 2014 Fixed a bug that showed the wrong error message for the email address field in the responsive view.
8.01 21 February 2014 Fix for a warning on Godaddy servers that the contact page was vulnerable to cross site scripting. There was no danger of a successful attack, but this version removes the warning.
8.00 4 January 2014 Joomla 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 are no longer supported.
The list input field has been reinstated.

Older history has been removed.