Les Arbres Web Solutions
Version 6.00, 14 March 2020
  • Added a French translation.
  • Minor coding updates.
Version 5.01, 10 June 2017
  • Re-coding of deprecated Joomla functions in preparation for future Joomla versions.
  • The minimum Joomla version required is now 3.4.8.
Version 5.00, 3 March 2017
  • The way that the directory scan is started as a background task has changed. The user guide has more details. Previous versions worked well on most servers, but not on all servers. The new method works on all servers.
  • This change required changes to both the component and the plugin. Previous versions of the plugin cannot be used with version 5 of the component and vice-versa.
Version 4.00, 4 November 2016
  • Joomla 2.5 is no longer supported.
  • Eyesite and the Eyesite Plugin now support the Joomla Update System. Joomla will automatically notify you of new releases, and you can install them using the Extensions Update Manager.
  • Upgrading is optional. Version 3 of the plugin still works with version 4 of the Eyesite component.