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LadKit is a powerful support and development tool, bringing together all the tools you need to make developing and troubleshooting easier.

There are occasionally times when you need to analyse a problem on a customer's own site. If you are lucky, you can get Joomla admin access, but it's much less likely you will get FTP or PhpMyAdmin access. Without access to the file system or the database, troubleshooting on a customer's site can be slow and difficult.

Not any more..

LadKit is a single Joomla component that gives you a powerful file manager, a database manager similar to PhpMyAdmin, and a host of other developer's tools, all in a single package. The file manager and database manager are third party open source products, fully integrated into the LadKit component so that there is no need to login to them separately. One click gets you instant access to the file system. Another click gets you instant access to the database.

LadKit is a technical tool for developers and experienced Joomla users. It's completely free.

We submitted LadKit to the Joomla Extensions Directory but it was rejected because the Adminer database manager is distributed as compressed code. Other extensions listed on the JED include Adminer so it is clearly inconsistent and unfair that LadKit was rejected. LadKit is an incredibly useful tool. We think it's a great shame that it is not listed on the JED.

LadKit Component Version 2.03
LadKit User Guide Version 2.01