FlexiContact is a free contact form that is very easy to setup yet has enough features for most websites. When properly setup, it's completely spam-proof, even without a captcha. The free user guide explains how.

You can get started with FlexiContact without reading the user guide. Just install it and make a menu item of type "FlexiContact Contact Page". You must enter an "Email To Address" on the Options tab of the menu item. All other settings are optional. The user guide explains everything in detail.

There's a sample FlexiContact page here.

FeatureFlexi ContactFlexi Contact Plus
Joomla versions 3.7.0 and above, and 4.x 3.7.0 and above, and 4.x
Customisable top and bottom text Yes Yes
Customisable destination email addresses Yes Yes
Additional user-defined fields Up to 5 text fields and one list field Up to 100, with many different types
Choice of form styles and sizes (all are responsive) Only one Lots
Configurable email content (full control of the admin and user email contents and formats) Yes Yes
Configurable email subject lines (full control of the admin and user email subjects) Yes Yes
Pictorial captcha system (Click on the cat/dog/etc) Yes
(Images at native size)
(Image size is configurable)
Magic word system (The user must locate and enter a pre-defined word or phrase to send the message) Yes Yes
Traditional distorted text captcha, words or maths, easy or hard (No registration, just switch it on) No Yes
Built-in Google reCAPTCHA No Yes
Joomla Captcha Plugins Yes Yes
Message log (including sender's IP address) The log is browsable in the back end The log is browsable and searchable
Optional auto-fill of username and email address for logged in users. Yes Yes
Confirmation page can be a link to an article, or a configured page (which can also include form data) Yes Yes
Choose whether to send a confirmation email to the user (always, never, or show a checkbox) Yes Yes
Agree terms to enable the send button Yes Yes
Multiple configurations (different forms on different pages) No Yes
Built-in multi-language No Yes
Multiple Recipients (for example, departments) No Yes
Article Plugin (include a contact form or popup contact form anywhere) No Yes
File attachments No Yes
Advanced layouts (Inline fields, columns and fieldsets) No Yes
Large, clear, custom radio buttons and checkboxes No Yes
Highlighting of mandatory fields No Yes
Ajax (responses without re-loading the whole page) No Yes
Advanced features (pre-filling form fields with Get and Post variables) No Yes
Export interfaces (API's, CSV, SQL) No Yes
Detailed, free, PDF user guide Yes Yes
Support No Options

Contributed translations are included with FlexiContact and we welcome updates. The User Guide explains how to make or update translations.

If you use the pictorial captcha system, the captcha image packs are now FREE!

FlexiContact Downloads
FlexiContact requires at least Joomla 3.7.0.
FlexiContact User Guide Version 12.02
FlexiContact Component Version 12.02
FlexiContact Themes
Image packs for the image captcha system in FlexiContact and FlexiContact Plus.
FlexiContact Theme White Tiles Version 11.02
FlexiContact Theme Black Tiles Version 11.02
FlexiContact Theme Black Version 11.02
FlexiContact Theme Glass Version 11.02
FlexiContact Theme Neon Version 11.01
FlexiContact Theme Toys Version 11.02