Sat 24 Nov 18Sat 01 Dec 18€850,00Yes
Sat 01 Dec 18Sat 08 Dec 18€850,00Yes
Sat 08 Dec 18Sat 15 Dec 18BookedNo
Sat 15 Dec 18Sat 22 Dec 18€850,00Yes
Sat 22 Dec 18Sat 29 Dec 18€850,00Yes
Sat 29 Dec 18Sat 05 Jan 19€850,00Yes
Sat 05 Jan 19Sat 12 Jan 19€850,00Yes
Sat 12 Jan 19Sat 19 Jan 19€850,00Yes
Sat 19 Jan 19Sat 26 Jan 19€850,00Yes
Sat 26 Jan 19Sat 02 Feb 19€850,00Yes
Sat 02 Feb 19Sat 09 Feb 19€850,00Yes
Sat 09 Feb 19Sat 16 Feb 19€850,00Yes
Sat 16 Feb 19Sat 23 Feb 19€850,00Yes
Sat 23 Feb 19Sat 02 Mar 19€850,00Yes
Sat 02 Mar 19Sat 09 Mar 19€850,00Yes
Sat 09 Mar 19Sat 16 Mar 19€850,00Yes

Rentalot is a free rental management system for businesses in the holiday property rental market.

Rentalot streamlines the administration of your business, helping you to provide a top quality professional service to your clients.

Rentalot generates an availability calendar like the one shown here on the right, with prices and availability automatically generated from the prices and bookings in the Rentalot database. The columns, date formats, and styles used in the availability table are all configurable.

If your prices are weekly and you don't need online booking, Rentalot might be all you need. If you offer daily prices, or you need online booking, then Rentalot Plus is for you.

Rentalot comes with a comprehensive, free, PDF user guide.

Site Features Rentalot Rentalot Plus
Show prices in one or more currencies Yes Yes
"Classic" price and availability table (like the one above) Yes Yes
Daily availability view No Yes
Check availability view No Yes
Enquiry form No Yes
Online booking No Yes
My Booking page No Yes
Search by availability, occupancy, or feature No Yes
Multiple properties Yes Yes
Multiple currencies Yes Yes
Daily, weekly or irregular pricing periods Yes
Impractical for daily pricing
Discounts for multi-period bookings No Yes
Bookable extras (linen, cleaning, etc) No Yes
Article plugin (include availability anywhere in any article) Yes Yes
Admin Features Rentalot Rentalot Plus
Automatic calculation of booking price and payment schedule (up to four payments per booking) Yes Yes
Automatic currency exchange rate updates No Yes
Automatic payment, arrival and departure reminders No Yes
Detailed financial report Yes Yes
Housekeeping schedule report Yes Yes
More reports No Yes
CSV download of bookings and reports No Yes
iCal Synchronisation No Yes

Administration Interface

The free version of Rentalot does not allow clients to book online. You take bookings manually and enter them into the back-end administration interface. Rentalot helps you with the price and payment schedule calculation, updates the front-end availability table, and stores all of your booking information for reporting purposes

Price Calculation

Rentalot calculates prices using "Price Periods". You can setup as many price periods as you want, each with its own unique price. A price period can be any length of time from a single day to an entire year. For example, if you only accept booking for complete weeks starting on a Saturday, you would setup a price period for each week. Your price periods don't have to be of equal length, so if you only offer full week rentals in high season, but accept daily bookings out of season, Rentalot can handle that. If a client books a period of time that crosses multiple price periods, Rentalot adds up the prices of the individual periods to calculate the total price. If a client wants to book part of a price period, he is charged the full price of any price period overlapped by the booking.

It is convenient to have Rentalot calculate booking prices, but it is not mandatory. All the calculations can be manually overridden, so if you have a different way of calculating prices, or you negotiate a special rate or payment schedule with a client, you can just enter booking prices or payment schedules manually.

Payment Schedule

Rentalot offers a great deal of flexibility in the way it calculates the payment schedule associated with bookings. The initial payment can be a fixed amount, a percentage of the total, or the whole amount. You can configure up to three further payments at variable dates.


You can configure as many different currencies as you wish. Customers can view prices in any of your offered currencies.


The Financial Report is generated from your bookings and shows money received, money due in, money due out, and gross profit in your base currency. The Schedule Report shows a selection of booking data that is relevant to preparing accommodation for arrivals. It is a huge help in avoiding mistakes and making sure the right information is to hand on changeover days. The Lead Source Report and Lead Source pie chart measure the effectiveness of your various advertising campaigns.


Like all our products, Rentalot is fully documented. The free User Guide explain every detail, from getting started to setting up the cron script that updates exchange rates and sends email reminders

More Information

Please use the small menu below to find out more about Rentalot, or download the user guide and the software here.